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Jessica Walliser
January 18,二千零一十八

你有没有仔细观察过一粒种子,考虑过这么小的东西所能承载的所有潜力?有时作为业余爱好者,我们被束缚在试图种下所有的东西上,以至于我们忘记了放慢速度,并欣赏像种子这样简单的东西是多么的特别。really is.Winter is the perfect time to contemplate the little things,所以今天,让我们更近一点看看种子里有什么,是什么让它如此特别。


你可能不会经常想到,but seeds are awe-inspiring.Surrounded by a protective seed coat are two very important things.第一种是胚胎植物。它由未来植物的第一片叶子(称为子叶)和植物的最初根(称为胚根)组成。Also inside of every seed is a food source for that future seedling.This food source is called the endosperm,它在胚珠受精后不久就产生了。After germinating,幼苗使用胚乳中包含的食物,直到它能够建立足够大的根系,能够自己获取营养。胚乳提供的营养主要是淀粉。

When you eat a peanut,bean,,pea,玉米粒或一粒糙米,你在吃种子,including the seed coat,胚乳,the cotyledons and the radicle,too.下次你打开花生的时候,remove the papery husk around the peanut and split the individual seeds in half.Look carefully and you'll see a tiny little pair of fan-like leaves at the end of one of the peanut halves.这些是子叶。花生末端的小突起是胚根。

There's Potential in Each and Every Seed

同样令人难以置信的是,种子能在发芽前一代一代地休眠,waiting until conditions are just right for growth.Some seeds need to pass through one or more winters in order to break dormancy.其他的需要暴露在野火中,或者穿过动物的内脏,然后种皮就会裂开,让里面的幼苗长出来。It's fascinating to think that each different seed seems to"知道“exactly what the correct conditions are for it to begin to grow.

Though plant breeders have worked hard over many generations to stabilize plenty of plant varieties and make growing from seed very predictable,总是有机会发生随机突变,especially when cross-pollination occurs.This is part of what makes seed saving and growing from seed so exciting to many gardeners.我喜欢当我在花园里看到一棵出其不意的幼苗时,even when I was trying to grow a specific variety.Whether it's a pink flower that's supposed to be blue,或者应该是橙色的条纹南瓜,it always fascinates me.

The value of seeds is astounding because the potential in each of them is tremendous.It's sad to think that as more and more heirloom vegetable varieties fall from popularity,他们可能永远消失。总有一天,你可能找不到你祖母过去种的西红柿的种子,也找不到以前在你现在耕种的土壤上行走的印第安人种植的玉米。

承认种子的价值不仅仅是种植它们的行为。Just as with people,it's also about taking a closer look at what's inside.

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